Trainers List for Aderon MUD

Trainer Name   Location 
Ajax   On the battlefield before Troy 
Ali Baba   Inside the Pyramid. Can be relocated to... 
Animated Slinky   On a stairwell in Kymvir's Castle 
Archangel   The Passage to Health in the Temple of the 8 Gods 
Ares   On Mount Olympus (west side of Rome) 
Aruncus   Wandering about the Plains - relocate to him 
Battle Master   In the Shire, can be relocated to... 
Battle Mistress   In the High Tower of Magic 
Black Slime   In the Abyss 
Cassandra   In Troy, to the north of the Palace 
Centaur Chief   In the Centaur Village (North of Aderon) 
Chief Assassin   In Krothgar's realm, past Mount Doom. Relocate to a female slave, then track him. 
Coordinator   In the monk's area 
Crystal God   In the HARD elemental area - relocate to a crystal elemental and track him from there 
Cuervo   One south of recall point in Aderon City (just above Donation Room) 
Dagar   In the tower of the Inner Keep at Past Anon 
Demon Statue   In the Abyss 
Djinn   In the Pyramid... 
Dorgar   Inside the keep at Mahn-Tor 
Draconian Mage   Draconia, just S, E from the Draconian King 
Duwick   Three of Swords 
Dwarven Doctor   In the hospital in the Dwarven Village, just west and then down and north from Midgaard 
Dwarven Mine Leader   In the mine near the Dwarven Village, just west and then down and north from Midgaard 
Elven Wizard   Shire -- west side of Took Hill (10 x W from Thain's Office) 
Esmerelda   The north end of the Cathedral 
Evil High Priest   7 steps away from Blackbeard (E,E,D,S,U,S,S) 
Felnor   With the Clerics inside Morgoth... (D,D,S,S from Trien) 
Freya Mitchell   In the Bar in Cloud Kingdom 
Friendly Lich   In some catacombs - behind a panel at the vampire king. Can be tracked 
Gerim   The Temple of the 8 Gods - he is aggressive - beware! 
Grand Templar   In the catacombs (S,E,E,S,S,D,S,S,W,W,S,S,S,S,E from the Dwarven Doctor) 
  Hades Statue  Below wastelands    
Hephaestus   On Mount Olympus (west side of Rome) 
Hermit   At the end of the Single Spider Line in Arachnos 
High Priest   New Thalos Temple (which is near the city's West Gate) 
Hypnos   Beneath the Stone Shelter in the Wasteland 
Island Girl   South of the Levee, before the Jungle. Use Comeaux's catapult in Midgaard 
Jack   In the slaughterhouse in Ofcol 
Juargan   The Dwarf King is in the Dwarf Area - where else... 
Julia the Tinker   In Ultima 
Kalten   In a cabin just south of Zyekia 
Ki-rin   Hidden deep within Arachnos 
Lallinthera   in Malathar 
Lich-Queen   Githyanki Astral Plains 
Lord British   Relocate to 'Sentri', then go north (can't walk there) 
Lorin   Under a trapdoor in Zyekia (East side) 
Magus Mage   In the cells near Harvey the Ogre Commander 
Mariah   In Ultima (in the Library) - relocate to Nystul and track 
Master Charmer   In the High Tower of Magic 
Master Enchanter   In the High Tower of Magic (West side) 
Master of Illusions   In the High Tower of Magic 
Master of Neutrality   At the top of the High Tower of Magic - through the south door 
Master Scribe   In the High Tower of Magic 
Master Spellbinder   In the High Tower of Magic 
Master Summoner   In the High Tower of Magic 
Mauric   Wandering around Aralia 
Nasturn   Inside the keep at Mahn-Tor 
Necromancer   In the High Tower of Magic 
Newbie Alchemist   In the Newbie zone, East of the Midgaard Donation Room 
Nichole   She is just south of the Sultan in his Palace in New Thalos (tax collector has key) 
Nystul   The librarian in the library at Ultima (after the first moongate) 
Ofcol Priestess   In the Temple of Ofcol (North-East of Midgaard, or relocate to Diana) 
Old Man   In the Holy Grove, east of Aderon. Relocate to the heirophant, and he is nearby. 
Orcus   In the Ghost Town 
Percil   Scro lands 
Priest of God   Unknown 
Prometheus   In a cell in Olympia - beneath the throne of Zeus - relocate to him (level 172) 
Quarthro   In Quarthro's Manor of course... 
Roger, the Elven Apostle   Relocate to a Maedar (aggressive, level 270ish) and on the long slope somewhere 
Salle   In the Stanneg Inn in Stanneg, west of Sundhaven 
Shamino   At the end of Ultima - near the Timelord 
Snow Queen   In the snow of course! Relocate to a snow fox, and walk north through the mirrored rooms 
Sorbus   In the hermit's hut on the grassy plains 
Spell Teacher   In the High Tower of Magic 
Statue of Hades   Under the Well Cover in the Wasteland - cannot be relocated to 
Tachirion   In the Paladin's House, up the chain from south Midgaard 
Talemon   Next to the Pyrohydra - an easy kill 
Thain   In the Shire, can be relocated to... 
The Panderwydd   Druid Island - relocate to the novice (level 300) 
Thomas Cranmer   Tower of London 
Tom Willow   The local philosopher of Avalini - relocate to him (level 42) 
Tuo   Archmage Tuo is wandering around Malathar 
Tyrgoth   Inside the keep at Mahn-Tor 
Unicorn   In Paradise - not far from Trien 
Wandering Mage   Wandering around Morgoth - relocate to him... 
War General   In the Temple of the 8 Gods 
Wolthan   The blacksmith in Malathar 
Xebani Medicine Man   Xebani Village 
Zakerith   Scro lands 
Zyekian Queen   In Zyekia - where else would you expect her to be?