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Human Cities

By far the most populous of the races, the Humans naturally have several states.

THE CITY OF ADERON is the most powerful of the Human states, ruled by a long line of Barons, the city is feudal in nature, though the head of the city is a Castellan who is appointed by the Baron from a list of candidates nominated by the citizens of the Barony. This position is extremely important, as the Castellan is responsible for the defense and well-being of the city, and reports only to the Baron, who spends most of his time on his country estate to the north of the city. Once called Anon, the inhabitants were forced to flee that world, to this one, where they created this almost exact likeness.

NEW THALOS is a massive, burgeoning city that was started by the fleeing inhabitants of Old Thalos, when that ancient city’s beholders and pet llamias destroyed the old city. The city struggled for a while, but lately has been doing a booming trade across the dragon sea and has become very large and powerful.

THE CITY OF OFCOL rules over a large portion of the northlands, bordering on the Dwarven Kingdoms. It is a theocracy, ruled by an elite benevolent priesthood and its holy warriors. The people of Ofcol are somewhat xenophobic, and have little to do with other races. The city was constructed on the ruins of an ancient city populated by an unknown race, and it is rumored relics from this age can still be found.

The city of SUNDHAVEN is a monument to one person's power, as it was the Earl of Sundhaven who created it out of the surrounding forest. He has defeated several armies of orcs and other aggressive beasts that have tried to defeat him, by using his elite guard, The Black Watch. The city lies far to the west through the Haon-Dor forest, but is very prosperous.

THE CITY OF MIDGAARD is the oldest city on the continent.  The city of Midgaard took its name from the native name of their home world, which they abandoned in favor of Aderon centuries ago. It is a nominal democracy, with the city being ruled by elected officials such as the mayor and the constable. The city was once powerful, but sustained serious losses in the Manscorpion wars, and now has little control outside the bounds of the city.

NEW ROME is a small city, constructed by some travelers from another continent. They claim that the Romans in their world controlled massive tracts of land, but this small city has nothing resembling that power. It does boast two wonders, however; a massive coliseum and the massive edifice: The Temple of the Eight Gods, where the Eight True Gods of Aderon are worshipped. Some even say the gods have presences inside the temple.

WELMAR'S CASTLE is a small castle that has long been a bastion against evil in the area. The guards are well trained and alert. They have had difficulty lately, however, having lost both the cathedral they guard, and their nearby village to a massive wave of undead and demons.

ZYEKIA is a small fortress just west of Midgaard.  It is ruled by King Kalek, who with the aid of his friend, the powerful Mage Kalten, has been able to hold off the few attacks that have been launched against it. It is a relatively peaceful place.


Elf Cities

The elven race is smaller in number than the Humans, though it is almost as powerful. Its holdings consist of:





ARALIA Once a city to rival even Grand Malathar, this city has fallen under the onslaught of an army of ogres from Aralia's eastern mountains. It is now a dismal place, with only a few brave souls still fighting the brutal ogre occupation forces.

MALATHAR The Duchy of Malathar was once one of the most powerful states on the planet. However, they suffered serious losses in the wars with Humanity and Dwarfkind, and now rule little territory outside the walls of their impregnable fortress. It is ruled by a hereditary succession of Dukes and Duchesses, though government is heavily influenced by the mages and priests and their respective orders. They are strong allies with the City of Aderon, with whom they trade via the River of Aderon.

VALLEY OF THE ELVES The Valley of the Elves is inhabited by the aggressive, xenophobic Valley Elves, who are ruled by a small tribal-style council. Much like their sylvan cousins, their government is nominal, controlling mainly the organization of scouting and warrior parties.

THE CITY OF THE DROW The Drow, or Dark Elves, are an evil, aggressive race that live in cities far beneath the surface of Aderon. Only one is known by non-Drow, and it is so secretive even its name is not known. It is ruled by several noble houses, who are constantly battling to become First House, the house with the most control. Women hold all the positions of political power, and control the priesthood, which plays a vital role in Drow politics. This order answers only to their cruel and evil demon deity Lloth.


Dwarf Cities

The Dwarves of Aderon are concentrated in several small enclaves, known simply as the Dwarven Kingdoms. Their system of Government is clan-based, with various clan chieftains taking turns ruling the kingdoms. The holdings of the Dwarves once extended as far south as lost Moria and as far west as the Northlands, but that was a long time ago. Some consider the Dwarves to be a dying race, though it is best not to say this within earshot of any Dwarf!


Gnome Cities

The least powerful of the peaceful races, the gnomes are a scattered bunch with only two really known enclaves, one in the ice fields, in a dangerous place near the Minotaurs, and one in a small village near Aderon.


Other Cities

The other major cities belong to: Manscorpion, Orc, Goblin, Kobold, Minotaur, Trolls, and Ogres.

The Manscorpions still have a village in the south, and although they broke Midgaard’s power several years ago when they defeated its most powerful ally, Kymvir Raemiz, they themselves took a brutal pounding. Now they are just gathering their strength for future campaigns. 

The Goblins and Kobolds are very similar creatures and neither have much more than small cave systems or tiny villages, as they are driven out of any prime land by the much more powerful, larger races.

The orcs maintain a strong enclave in the west, and have agents scattered about the world keeping an eye on things. They are brutal and stupid, but when they get an inspirational leader, they cause the more intelligent races untold troubles.

The Minotaurs have a powerful city out in the ice fields. They can only be reached by a portal, the location of which no one admits to knowing.

The ogres are an up and coming race in Aderon; they have several small villages and wandering scouts, and lately they came pouring out of the east and destroyed the once grand city of Aralia, now controlling it for their own unknown reasons.

Trolls are a solitary race that rarely ventures from their swamps. However, when they do venture out, they wreak a havoc that very few creatures can match.


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