AderonMUD Features

Newbie Friendly

* Friendly and helpful immortals on daily.
* Access to the general communications channels to ask questions
without being delegated to an easily ignored newbie channel
* A friendly dragon guide NPC that helps new characters learn basic commands
* Comprehensive Help Files

A Huge World to Explore

* Over 8,000 distinct rooms
* More than 2,000 different creatures
* 3,000 different objects

Extensive Character Development

* 300 base class levels, honing the skills and spells necessary to
reach Avatarhood
* 695 levels as an exceptionally powerful Avatar, allowing players
to go toe to toe with the powerful demonic forces slowly consuming the
world of Aderon
* An advanced totem system allowing players to choose from
fourteen different animals and take on abilities and attributes of those animals
* A loose class system with five main classes. At any time a
player may switch between those classes by purchasing the necessary training
* Ability to purchase Hit Points, Mana, and Moves, using experience or gold
* Training of the five basic stats: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity and Constitution, based on your current class
* Perpetual Youth with no ability degeneration with age
* Player-owned houses
* Detailed clan system with twenty customizable ranks, names and







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